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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Ampersand Art Panels

Let your creativity radiate with the high quality range of Ampersand art panels at Art to Art. The smooth surface is perfect for fine details, greater control and illuminating colours. Made by the trusted brand Ampersand, so you know you will be getting the best quality and outcome every time. Shop Ampersand panels online today and get same day dispatch. Free shipping over $100.

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Ampersand Scratchbord


Ampersand Gessoboard 5x7


Ampersand Gessoboard 6x6"


Ampersand Gessoboard 8x8"


Ampersand Gessoboard 8x10


Ampersand Gessobord 9" X 12"


Ampersand Gessobord 12" X 12"


Ampersand Gessoboard 11x14


Ampersand Gessobord 12" X 16"


Ampersand Gessobord 16" X 20"


Ampersand Gessobord 18" X 24"


Ampersand Clayboard 5" X 7"


Ampersand Art Panels

Art to Art’s range of Ampersand art panels are the perfect option for students, hobbyists and professional artists. Made from high quality birch plywood, these Ampersand art panels are less susceptible to moisture and sagging. Choose from a range of artist panels, clayboards, gesso boards, pastel boards and more! 


Ampersand Scratchbord


Scratchbord consists of a hardboard panel that has a layer of clay applied to its surface. This panel is then coated with India ink, preparing it for the scratchboard art process. This construction enhances its durability and facilitates more precise and sharp detailing compared to traditional paper scratchboards.

To seal finished scratchboard artwork, one can use specific types of spray fixatives that protect the art from UV damage and other environmental factors. Suitable products for this purpose include Helmar spray varnish and Golden UVLS Spray Varnish  finishes. These coatings allow the artwork to be displayed without the need for glass framing.


To enhance Scratchbord artwork, artists can apply colored inks to areas they've already scratched out, bringing depth and vibrancy to the piece. After the inks are applied, artists can scratch into these colored regions once more, introducing further highlights and enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the artwork. This technique allows for a more nuanced interplay of colors and textures, elevating the visual impact of the work.


Explore the other Ampersand ranges all with unique textures such as  Aquabord, Claybord, Gessobord, Pastelbord, and Primed Smooth Ampersand, each designed for specific media and techniques. Tools and Accessories  Enhance your Scratchbord art with dedicated Scratchbord Tools, or choose from other supportive materials like  Gesso Boards, and raw  panels for your creative projects.


The ultra-smooth surface is great for oil paints, inks, acrylic paints, graphite pencils and more. Whether you’re painting or creating a collage, the acid-free and durable surface makes a perfect support - that can be easily hung and framed too! 


Shop Ampersand artist panels online. At Art to Art, we’re your one stop shop for art supplies. Whether you’re doing acrylic or oil painting, you can find all the right supplies here. Before you go, don’t forget to check out our canvas, artist paints and easels






What is Ampersand in art?

Ampersand is an art company that has been making their surfaces from fine quality materials for over 20 years. At Art to Art, we stock a range of Ampersand panels that are ideal for oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolour paints, pastels, mixed media and more! 


What is the difference between a panel and a canvas?

An art panel doesn't have any texture visible before applying media on the surface, meaning the artist can create whatever texture they desire. Whereas a canvas has a woven texture, that is more likely to stretch when media has been applied to it. But, canvas is very affordable and provides a great support for a range of media. 


What is a gessoed panel?

This is a wood panel that has been coated with acid free, acrylic gesso, perfect for a variety of media such as oil paints, acrylic paints and more. The fine quality gesso allows for better paint adhesion and brush control, while the fine toothed surface is great for glazing, precise detail, fluid brush strokes, palette knife painting and collages.