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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards


Get inspired and create your next masterpiece with the range of markers from Art to Art. Whether you prefer working with permanent art pens, copic markers or watercolour brush pens - we have everything you need to get you started! Shop drawing supplies online at Art to Art today and get free shipping when you spend over $100. Same day dispatch Australia-wide

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Copic Ciao Markers

$6.95 $5.56

Copic Classic Markers

$10.95 $8.76

Copic Sketch Marker

$10.95 $8.76

Copic Ink Refill 12ml

$12.95 $10.36

Talens Pantone Markers

$15.95 $12.76

Ecoline Watercolour Brush Pens

$8.95 $7.16

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

$6.95 $5.56

Kuretake Fude Pen No. 55


Kuretake Zig Brush Pen No 24 Black


Kuretake Zig Brush Pen No 22 Black


Kuretake Zig Brush Pen No 31 Grey


Kuretake Zig Brush Pen No 60 Gold



At Art to Art, we stock a wide variety of artist markers for both beginner and professional illustrators, designers and artists. With our copic art pens and brush pens, you can produce bold and vibrant strokes with precise control, and with our permanent felt-tip pens you can create markings on all types of hard surfaces. Choose from highly trusted brands, including Posca, Sharpie, Sakura, Copic and more! 

In terms of marker categories, Art To Art stocks several different brands, each with a variety of options to cater to different preferences and uses. The brands include , Copic, Faber-Castell, and Staedtler among others, with general uses mentioned such as paint markers, Posca pens, and general purpose markers from various makers. This diverse selection provides ample choice for artists looking for specific hues or type of marker for their drawing and colouring needs.Many of our high-quality art pens are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can achieve your desired effects. We also have a number of surfaces you can use these on, including marker paper, sketch pads and visual art diaries


Shop drawing supplies in Australia at Art to Art today. Get free shipping over $100 and same-day dispatch. Don’t forget to stock up on other art supplies while you’re here too! Shop art paper, canvas, art pencils and more.





What markers are best?

It all depends on the type of effect you want to achieve. Some of our popular favourites include: 



How long do markers last?

This depends on the type and brand. However, most art pens typically last around 1-2 years if they’re well taken care of. 


What paper is recommended?

The best options include marker paper and cardstock as they are thicker and smoother than regular paper which helps to produce vibrant and precise strokes. It also prevents spreading, smudging and bleed-through. 


What art pens do not smudge?

If you’re looking for a smudge-proof option, we recommend opting for a Sharpie. They are smudge-proof, water resistant and produce vibrant strokes of ink on a range of surfaces. 


What types of projects are these markers ideal for?
These markers are particularly useful for art projects, labeling, and crafting detailed designs, where permanence and precision are important.
How do the colours of the markers perform over time?
The colours provided by these markers are designed to be rich and resist fading, ensuring that they remain vibrant and clear over time.