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Art Resin

Epoxy resin is the perfect art medium for a wide variety of art and craft projects. Equal to multiple coats of varnish, art resin creates a clear, glass-like glossy finish in a single application. Just mix and pour/brush it onto any surface! Epoxy resin can be applied to wood, glass, terracotta, papier-mâché, tin, ceramic tiles; in fact almost all non-porous surfaces.

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Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Epoxy Resin 240ml


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Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Epoxy Resin 2 Litre


Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Epoxy Resin 10 Litre


Barnes Epoxycast Clear Casting Resin


Barnes Epoxyglass Resin


Barnes Ultrapour Mass Cast Epoxy Resin


Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments


Langridge Artist Pigments


Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigment Set 32 Colours


Art Resin

 At Art to Art, we have a wide range of professional and beginner resin art supplies. Whether you’re planning on making jewellery, creating ornaments or doing some paint pouring art, we’ve got you covered. Shop brands like Barnes Epoxycast, Art Resin and Glass Coat just to name a few.


Epoxy resin can be applied to wood, glass, terracotta, papier-mâché, tin, ceramic tiles in fact, almost all non-porous surfaces. Additionally, ArtResin epoxy resin is also effective on a variety of other materials including glossy photographs, inkjet prints, acrylic and oil paints once they have completely dried, watercolour, spray paint, encaustic, raw canvas, ink, paper collage, oil pastel, cardboard, sculpture, and found objects such as leaves and rocks. However, it is important to note that ArtResin does not bond well with wax paper and some plastics, including silicone, as these materials repel water. This makes ArtResin incredibly versatile for creative projects, offering broad possibilities for artists and crafters a like.


Types of art resin


Epoxy resin kits: want to try an art resin project but don’t know where to start? Get a kit that has everything you need! Our kits have mixing and measuring cups, mixing sticks, gloves and protective mats. 

Casting resin: casting resin is a method of casting where a mould is filled with liquid resin, which then hardens. It can be used to make jewellery, homewares, knife handles and more. At Art to Art, we have crafting resin for both small, medium and large projects!

Silicone moulds for resin: create your own moulds with Pinkysil Silicone. These moulds cure at room temperature and have an easy 1:1 mix ratio. 

Pigments for art resin: add a splash of colour to your epoxy resin project with our collection of dry paint pigments

For high quality art resin in Australia at affordable prices, you can’t beat Art to Art! Order online today for same day dispatch and enjoy free shipping when you spend over $100. You can also shop resin using Afterpay! And before you go, don’t forget to see what other masterpieces you can create with our range of oil paint mediums, acrylic mediums and watercolour mediums






What makes ArtResin easy to use?


ArtResin features a self-levelling formula and a simple 1:1 mixing ratio, which makes the application process user-friendly.


How does ArtResin prevent yellowing?


ArtResin includes advanced stabilization additives that provide effective protection against yellowing, ensuring long-term clarity.


What precautions should be taken when using ArtResin?


It is recommended to use ArtResin in a well-ventilated area and wear a P2V Carbon Filter Mask for safety.


Does ArtResin emit any harmful substances?


ArtResin does not emit VOCs, fumes, or solvents, making it safer to use than other resins.


Is ArtResin toxic?


ArtResin is non-toxic when used according to the instructions provided.


What are epoxy resins used for?

Epoxy resins have multiple applications, but in the art world, they’re used for sealing and casting your art projects. Epoxy resin can be used on canvas, wood, glass, terracotta, ceramic tiles and more!

Is epoxy waterproof?

Yes, epoxy resin is waterproof! It seals everything that it’s poured over, so make sure you cover every inch to protect it.

What can I use to colour my resin?

You can use a variety of materials to colour epoxy resin, however, each material has advantages and disadvantages. 


Alcohol ink: offering gorgeous, rich saturation, alcohol ink will mix in thoroughly with resin offering cool effects dues to its transparent nature. A blow torch should not be used on resin that contains alcohol ink. Alcohol inks are made with dyes and will begin to fade over a period of time.


Acrylic paint: you can use acrylic paint with epoxy resin. Artist grade paint will produce the best results as it offers the highest concentration of colour, and choosing a fluid range will make mixing the colours smoother. Keep in mind that acrylic can take away the glossiness of the resin, and do not add more water to the paint.


Acrylic inks: similar to acrylic paints, these are highly fluid inks that offer a huge range of colours and spectacular performance. Just add to the resin right from the bottle.


Dry pigments (our most recommended): this is colour in its rawest form. As it contains no binders, it offers the highest colour strength, clarity and brilliance. 

What do I need for resin art?


For resin art, you’ll need:

    • Resin

    • Protective mats or plastic sheets

    • Gloves

    • Mixing cup and sticks

    • Measuring cups

How do you use epoxy resin for beginners?

The best way to get started with epoxy resin is to get a beginner kit! This will have everything you need to create your craft masterpiece.