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Acrylic & Oil Brushes

Get creative with our wide range of acrylic paint brushes and oil paint brushes. Choose from popular brands, including Princeton and Neef, and a range of styles and sizes. Shop individual paint brushes for a specific purpose or a paint brush set to get your collection started.

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Princeton Aspen 6500 Synthetic Round


Princeton Velvet Touch 3900 Angle Bright


Princeton Aspen 6500 Synthetic Bright


Princeton Velvet Touch 3900 Bright


Princeton Velvet Touch 3950 Petals


Princeton Aspen 6500 Synthetic Filbert


Princeton Velvet Touch 3900 Fan


Princeton Aspen 6500 Synthetic Flat


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle Angle Bright 10


Princeton Velvet Touch 3900 Blooms 12


Princeton Aspen 6500 Synthetic Angle Bright


Princeton Velvet Touch 3900 Filbert


Acrylic & Oil Brushes

Whether you’re a beginner or professional artist, you can find an oil or acrylic paint brush to suit you at Art to Art. Made from a variety of materials, our brushes are durable, offer fantastic coverage and unmatched control. Discover a wide range of shapes and sizes, including:


  • Round
  • Bright
  • Filbert
  • Oval
  • Wash
  • Flat
  • Liner


Types of acrylic paint brushes & oil paint brushes


Hog bristle brushes: these brushes have stiff, coarse natural hair that is great at holding colour. They can be used for basecoats, heavy-bodied paints and for adding texture. Although they’re great for acrylics, we highly recommend these as oil paint brushes.


Taklon acrylic brushes: made from man-made fibres, taklon brushes are ideal for both acrylic and oil paintings. 


Stiff synthetic brushes: due to their synthetic fibres, these brushes are great at retaining their shape. When used, the paint glides easily off the hairs and they offer fantastic control. 


Synthetic & mongoose brushes: made from synthetic hairs, these brushes offer a blending bristle that is finer and less dense than sable brushes. They’re also able to hold their shape well and respond to your touch.


Shop artist acrylic brushes and oil brushes at Art to Art today! Enjoy free shipping when you spend over $100 and get same day dispatch.




What brush should I use for acrylic paint?

This depends on what you’re painting and the effect you wish to create. However, you can use hog bristle, taklon and other synthetic brushes for acrylic paintings.


Do I wet the paint brush before using acrylic?

You can start with a dry brush, but it’s recommended that you wet your acrylic brush first. This will help the paint to go on smoother and will prevent you using more paint than necessary.


What brushes to use with oil paint?

For oil paintings, we highly recommend hog bristle and stiff synthetic brushes, but you can still use taklon and other synthetic brushes.


Can you use synthetic brushes for oil painting?

Absolutely! You can use both natural and synthetic oil paint brushes for your oil painting. 


How do I clean up my oil painting brushes?

Most artists use an odourless solvent, as it’s a low toxic alternative to traditional, industrial solvents. There are also a number of other solvent free options available for artists wishing to use more eco friendly options.