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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Oil Paint Sets

For oil paint sets, look no further than Art to Art. We have a wide range of colours and grades, which means we have oil paint that’s great for both beginners and professional artists! Whether you want to buy oil paint sets or paint brushes, Art to Art has all of your needs covered. If you can't make it to one of our local stores, keep in mind that any purchase over $100 receives free shipping anywhere in Australia, so start exploring our range now.

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Art Spectrum Oil Paint Primary Set 6pk


Art Spectrum Oil Paint Primary Set 9pk


Art Spectrum Professional Oil Colour Wooden Box Set


Art Spectrum Oil Paint Landscape Set 6pk


Art Spectrum Oil Paint Landscape Set 9pk


Mont Marte Oil Paint Intro Set 8pce


Mont Marte Water Mixable Oil Paint Intro Set 8pk


Mont Marte Transparent Oil Paint Intro Set


Mont Marte Signature Oil Paint Sets


Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colour Set 5x40ml


Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colour Set 10x40ml


Gamblin Artist Oil Intro Paint Set


Oil Paint Sets


Our oil paint sets come in a huge variety of brands and prices. You can start with the very affordable Mont Marte range and save up for different kinds of oil mediums, or try out the highly-pigmented Daler Rowney oil paint sets


You can also choose from oil paint sets with 5 colours all the way up to 12 colours! Each set contains oil paints that have creamy consistencies, great coverage and great lightfastness. 


To truly create a work of art, don’t forget to check out our  specially designed oil paint brushes to ensure your masterpiece is as beautiful as can be. You can also buy now and pay later with Afterpay at Art to Art. Shopour range of oil painting supplies today!


Should I wet my brush before oil painting?


This depends on what kind of technique you'd like to use in your painting. "Dry-brushing" can give a different look to your piece, whilst painting with a brush that already has some paint on it will help you blend and create gradients. 

If you’re wondering whether you should add water to your brush before oil painting, the answer is no,  because oil and water repel each other.



Do you need gesso for oil painting?


If you're painting onto an art canvas, you should prime your painting surface with an oil-friendly gesso. Whilst you can paint without gesso primer, oil will eventually make the canvas brittle as it gets older, and your artwork can develop cracks and eventually be destroyed. If you want to make the most of your art supplies, make sure you prime your canvas first.



What does a beginner need for oil painting?


Before you start oil painting, we recommend you have the following:


  • Some oil points

  • A brush that is suitable for artist oil paints

  • Turpentine or mineral spirits plus a jar for cleaning brushes

  • Oil mediums to dilute artist oil paints, like linseed oil

  • Some rags or old newspapers

  • A palette for colour mixing

  • Art materials like a canvas

  • 24 hours set aside for drying time


What oil paint do professional artists use?

There are many different brands that professional artists use, but you can't go wrong with Michael Harding paints available at Art to Art. Handmade with some incredible pigments, they're an investment but look absolutely incredible, and worthy of a seasoned professional.