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Oil Pastels

Create your next masterpiece with Art to Art’s collection of oil pastels. With high pigmentation and a soft, buttery texture, you’ll really be able to unleash your creativity with these oil-based pastels

Choose from popular brands like Mont Marte, Caran d’Ache and Faber Castell. Shop oil paint pastels online today and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Mont Marte Extra Soft Oil Pastels Natural Hues 26pk


Mont Marte Extra Soft Oil Pastels Macaron 26pk


Mont Marte Extra Soft Oil Pastels Vibrant Hues


Mont Marte Oil Pastels


Mont Marte Watersoluble Oil Pastels


Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists Crayon Sets


Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists Crayons


Caran d'Ache NeoPastel


Caran d'Ache Neopastel Sets


Caran D'Ache Neopastel Wooden Box Set


Mont Marte Metallic Oil Pastel 12pk


Mont Marte Oil Pastels Signature 48pc Set


Oil Pastels

Smooth and easy-to-use, oil pastels offer artists a versatile painting medium. Use them on their own or together with other media, such as acrylic, watercolour or oil paint. Oil pastels are excellent for colour blending and can be used on a variety of toned and textured surfaces, including paper, canvas, card, wood and clay pottery. Coming in a wide range of colours, and in multiple sized sets, you’re sure to find the perfect oil paint pastel for your needs. Shop oil pastels online today and get same day dispatch. Shipping over $100 and Afterpay are also available. Art to Art also stocks other kinds of pastels, such as soft pastels, pastel pencils and hard pastels – so be sure to check out those art supplies before you go!


Oil pastels, known for their smooth and buttery texture, stand out in the art world due to their unique composition and versatility. These pastels are composed of pigment bound with wax and oil, unlike their gum-bound counterparts, giving them a distinctive consistency that is excellent for color blending. This formulation ensures that oil pastels do not crumble, smudge, or release dust like soft pastels, making them a cleaner and more user-friendly option for artists.

One of the significant advantages of using oil pastels is their stability. They do not require a fixative, which is particularly beneficial when working on location. However, it is important to note that they never completely dry, which can make transportation a bit challenging. Despite this, their vibrant colors and high pigment content allow for intense and bright artworks on a variety of toned and textured surfaces.

Oil pastels can be spread like oil paint, enabling artists to create strong, buttery strokes, or they can be thinned with turpentine to achieve impasto effects, glazes, or washes. This versatility opens up a broad range of artistic expressions, from bold and dynamic strokes to subtle washes, enhancing their appeal among artists.

When it comes to purchasing oil pastels, they are available in both artists' quality and students' quality, and can be bought individually or in sets. Although the range of colors may not be as extensive as that offered for soft pastels, the available selection is generally more than sufficient for most artistic needs. For those new to this medium, it is advisable to invest in high-quality individual pastels from reputable brands, such as Sennelier, to familiarize oneself with the medium without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, oil pastels offer unique properties and advantages that make them a valuable addition to any artist's toolkit. Their ease of use on various surfaces, combined with their ability to produce vibrant and enduring artworks, makes them an excellent choice for artists exploring new textures and techniques in their work


 Whether you’re a budding artist or a professional, exploring different materials can be a delightful and colourful journey. Here are some widely loved art mediums that are perfect for all ages:

Artist Oil Pastels:

Professional pastels are favored for their ability to produce vibrant, vivid artworks. They offer purity in colour and intensity, maintaining the brilliance of your art long after it's completed. The charm of oil pastels lies in their saturation and ease of blending, making them ideal for creating stunning visual impacts.


Student Oil Pastels:

Oil pastels are celebrated for their creamy texture and rich pigment. Artists of all skill levels appreciate the smooth application and the ability to blend colours seamlessly. These pastels are excellent for layering and creating dynamic, tactile art pieces.


Watersoluble Oil Pastels

These highly pigmented colours offer a smooth buttery texture for seamless application and great colour blending. Plus, these versatile pastels can be used wet or dry to create stunning effects in your sketches or mixed media projects.



What are oil pastels? 

An oil pastel is made from pigment and a binder. Formed into a stick, you can use it for both drawing and painting.

Can oil pastels be used on canvas?

Yes! Oil-based pastels can be used wet or dry on any surface, be it paper, board, canvas or wood.

What are oil pastels best for?

Oil pastels can be used for a number of art styles and techniques. You can use them to blend, sketch, paint or to create Sgraffito effects. Sgraffito is where you put down one surface, then cover it with another, and then begin to scratch the top layer so it starts to reveal the bottom layer. 

Are oil pastels easy for beginners?

They sure are! You’ll be able to find plenty of tutorials online that show you how to use oil pastels as a beginner.

How do you use oil pastels?

Just like any other drawing material! So you can use them to draw or blend with your fingers. 

What is the difference between soft pastels and oil pastels?

Unlike soft pastels, oil pastels won't smudge, crumble or create dust. Oil pastels are made with a binder that keeps the pigment together, which means the end result is usually very creamy and oily in texture.