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Studio Easels

Whether you’re painting on a small, medium or large canvas, do it on an artist floor easel from Art to Art. Made from high-quality materials and coming in a range of styles, you can find the perfect easel for your needs. Ideal for your home or studio, our wood easels make painting and displaying your artwork easier!

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Mont Marte Creative Art Station


Mont Marte Large Studio Easel


Mont Marte Tilting Studio Easel


Mabef M02 Studio Easel With Crank


Mabef M04 Studio Easel


Mabef M05 Studio Easel


Mabef M18 Studio easel


Mabef M22 French Box Easel


Mont Marte Kids Easel


Mabef MA40 Revolving Painting Accessory


Mont Marte Convertable Studio Easel


Mont Marte Floor Easel with Tilt


Studio Easels


Our range of floor art easels is suitable for all levels of artists and includes, Traditional studio easels, A-frame easels, and H-frame easels each have unique characteristics and functions designed to meet various artistic needs.



 Traditional Studio Easels:  Traditional studio easels are crafted to support large canvases, making them ideal for artists working on grand-scale projects. These easels are robust and offer varying degrees of stability depending on their model. Typically, studio easels are adjustable, allowing artists to position their work at a comfortable angle. They are well-suited for both amateur and professional studio environments.


 A-frame Easels:  A-frame easels, also known as lyre easels, feature a simplistic design with two front legs forming a triangle and a single rear leg supporting the structure. This type of easel usually includes a central support bar with top and bottom ledges to secure the canvas. Some upscale A-frame easels allow the angle of the central column to be modified to near-vertical positions, enhancing viewing and painting comfort. A-frame easels are appreciated for their ability to accommodate large canvases while being collapsible, making them easy to store away when not in use.


H-frame Easels: H-frame easels are more substantial and durable, comprised of a rectangular base and an upright H-shaped structure. These easels often come equipped with shelves or drawers, providing handy storage for art supplies. Additionally, they may feature wheels to facilitate easier mobility around the studio. H-frame easels are versatile in their adjustability, with some models capable of lying flat, which is beneficial for certain types of art techniques. When it comes to storage, these easels can be laid flat but are not suitable for stacking.



These artist studio easels can hold a variety of art canvas sizes, are easily adjustable and easy to assemble. Some even come with wheels for easy transport and fold down to a smaller size for storage. Not to mention, they’re made of high-quality beech wood - so they’re sure to last! 



How should the height of an art easel be determined for comfortable use?

To determine the optimal height for an art easel to ensure comfortable use, personalize the setup based on the artist's height and preferred working posture. Start by adjusting the easel so that the canvas is level with your eyes when standing or sitting upright. This prevents you from having to stoop or strain your neck. The angle of the canvas holder should also be adjustable, typically ranging from a 45 to 90-degree tilt, allowing for the most natural angle for your painting style. For younger artists, consider using a tabletop easel that fits securely on a table surface. This brings the artwork closer to their line of sight and reach, making the experience more comfortable. If a standalone easel is used, verify that it can be lowered or equipped with a platform such as a step stool to compensate for the height difference, ensuring the child can paint without overreaching.


Whether you’re creating your next watercolour masterpiece or giving oil painting a go, you’ll find the perfect floor art easel for your home or studio. Choose from popular brands like Mont Marte and Mabef and shop online today. Buy artist floor easels now and pay later with Afterpay too.


After another style of canvas? You can find table easels, display easels and portable easels in our range too. 




 Are there easels suitable for both studio and outdoor use?


Yes, French box easels and tripod easels are suitable for both studio and outdoor use, offering versatility for different painting environments.


What options are there for artists looking for easels that are not strictly floor models?


Artists can choose from desk easels and French box easels, which are more compact and suitable for those with limited space or the need for portability.


What variety of easel types are available?


A wide range of easel types are available including desk easels, studio easels, French box easels, and tripod easels.



How do I choose an easel?

This ultimately depends on what your needs are and where you’re painting. If you're painting outside, you'll want to opt for a portable, compact easel that's easy to move around. If you've created a more permanent painting space, then an artist floor easel will be your go-to. 


For smaller artworks, you might even just need a table easel - especially if you have a desk or table to keep it on. 


Lastly, if you're just looking to show off your finished artwork, you'll want a display easel. These aren't recommended for painting, and are made from lightweight materials.


How much does an artist's easel cost?

An artist floor easel can range from $110 to $1,999. Easels on the higher price end offer special features like crank mechanisms, the ability to hold canvases up to 234cm and storage for art supplies. 


What is the best easel for drawing?

You can add a drawing board attachment to most easels making it easy to hold paper sheets. Alternatively a drawing board easel is best