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Watercolour Brushes

Art to Art has a wide range of the finest watercolour brushes from manufacturers all around the world. Choose from paint brushes made of kolinsky sable, taklon, squirrel hair or synthetic materials. Shop watercolour brushes online today and get free shipping over $100.

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Princeton Velvet Touch 3900 Blooms 12


Princeton Velvet Touch 3950 Petals


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Oval Wash


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Fan 4


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Mottler


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Quill Size 6


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Liner


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Round


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Mop 3/4


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Stroke


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Wash Brush


Princeton Aqua Elite 4850 Travel Brushes

$69.94 $34.97

Watercolour Brushes

Bring your creative vision to life with a watercolour paint brush from Art to Art. Choose from a variety of brands, including Princeton, Neef, Mont Marte and Pentel. 

Every artist needs a range of brush styles in their collection. From the script brush for fine lines, the versatile round brush for almost everything, to the mottler brush for large watercolour washes. No matter your painting style or idea, you can find the perfect brush for you at Art to Art.


Types of watercolour paint brushes


Sable brushes for watercolour: sable hair brushes are very popular among watercolourists because the natural belly shape of the hair can hold more water and paint. It also spreads colour evenly, and is ideal for applying paint and fine, detailed work. 

Taklon brushes for watercolour: made from synthetic fibres, taklon brushes offer incredible durability, shape and absorbency. Slightly stiffer than sable bristles, taklon is a great brush for both beginners and professionals. Taklon brushes also offer a more animal friendly option as they are completely synthetic and often outperform the natural versions, great for vegans!

Squirrel brushes: made from squirrel hair, these brushes hold more water than both sable and taklon - making them fantastic for big washes of watercolour paint.


Discover the range of watercolour brushes Australia loves! Shop watercolour paint brushes online today to get same day dispatch. You can also get free shipping when you spend over $100 and buy now, pay later with Afterpay.




What brushes to use for watercolour?


It all depends on what effect you’re trying to achieve and what you’re painting! If you’re just getting started, we recommend the round or quill brush as it’s a staple for most watercolourists. You can also try a watercolour paint brush set so you can experiment in your own time.

Are watercolour brushes different?


Compared to acrylic and oil paint brushes, yes watercolour brushes are different! Watercolour is often made with softer materials, has a shorter handle and is optimised to work well with the fluidity of watercolour paints.

What are the different watercolor brushes used for?


  • Round/quill: use for fine lines, broad strokes or straight edges.

  • Flat: use for straight edges or to block in colour. 

  • Mop/mottler: use for covering large areas 

  • Rigger/script/liner: use for fine lines

  • Dagger/deerfoot: use for stippling, shading or cover a solid area

  • Fan: use for stippling, blending and more