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Express your ideas with Moleskine’s high quality range of notebooks. Moleskine notebooks have been a staple amongst many artists and known as iconic notebook used by Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemigway. Shop visual art diaries online and get same day dispatch Australia-wide. Free shipping when you spend over $100.


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Moleskine Classic Soft Large Plain Black


Moleskine Art Sketch Album Black Pocket 9x14


Moleskine Cahier Sketch Album Kraft Brown XXL 27.9 x 21.6


Moleskine Cahier Sketch Album Kraft Pocket 9x14


Moleskine Art Sketch Album Kraft


Moleskine Cahier Plain Journals Black 3pk


Moleskine Extended Classic Notebook Black Large 13x21


Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook Dotted 11x18


Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook Pocket Dotted 9x14


Moleskine Bullet Notebook Hard Cover Black Large 13x21


Moleskine Watercolour Album


Moleskine Watercolour Notebook


Moleskine Art Sketch Book


Moleskine Art Sketch Pad


Moleskine Classic Hardcover Notebook Plain


Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook Plain


Moleskine Cahier Plain Journals Kraft 3pk



Moleskine, established in 1997, resurrected the iconic notebook that for centuries adorned the pockets and desks of some of the world's most influential artists and thinkers. From Vincent van Gogh to Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemingway, the Moleskine notebook became a beloved companion for recording thoughts, sketches, and ideas. This blend of historical reverence and contemporary innovation continues to make Moleskine notebooks a staple for creatives and professionals around the globe. The durability and sleek design of these notebooks make them more than just tools for jotting down notes—they are accessories for the modern-day thinker.


Moleskine stands out as a brand that fervently supports the creative impulses of its users. By offering a variety of notebooks that cater to different forms of art and writing, Moleskine ensures that everyone, whether they are novelists, illustrators, designers, or hobbyists, finds a space to channel their creativity. Each Moleskine notebook is designed to be a personal canvas where ideas can unfold in any form—be it writing, sketching, or simply jotting down thoughts. This flexibility not only promotes self-expression but also turns everyday note-taking into an opportunity for creativity. Thus, Moleskine products serve as vital tools that nurture the artistic expressions of individuals across the globe.


At Art to Art, we are proud to stock a wide range of Moleskine sketchbooks –  available in a variety of different paper weights, sizes and shapes. Their sketch pads also feature high-quality paper, allowing for smooth art pencil applications. 

Buy Moleskine notebooks at Art to Art today and get free shipping when you spend over $100. Same day dispatch Australia-wide. You can also buy now and pay later with Afterpay. In need of more art materials? Don't forget to check out our art paper, fineliner pens and art erasers






What is so special about Moleskine notebooks?

Moleskine books are very durable and high-quality compared to other notebooks. They feature a vinyl cover and smooth paper, perfect for art pencils, charcoal and pastels

Do Moleskine notebooks bleed through?

Even though Moleskine drawing notebooks are very high-quality, their lightweight and quick-drying paper can result in bleed-through from time to time. For large amounts of ink or painting, Moleskine watercolour notebooks will be the best option, as they are made with a heavy weight watercolour paper that will not bleed through or buckle.


Who uses Moleskine notebooks?

The Moleskine notebooks were used by legendary artists, including Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Bruce Chatwin and Ernest Hemigway. 


How does the Moleskine Classic notebook specifically benefit creative processes?


The Moleskine Classic notebook is specifically beneficial to creative processes as it provides a physical space where individuals can effectively capture and store their creative thoughts and ideas, fostering a conducive environment for creativity to flourish.


 What makes the Moleskine Classic notebook unique?


The Moleskine Classic notebook is unique because it has transformed expectations for what a notebook should be, offering features or qualities that set it apart from typical notebooks.


What types of creative activities can Moleskine products be used for?


Moleskine products are versatile, suitable for a range of activities including scripting, novel writing, comic book creation, diagramming, designing, sketching, practicing calligraphy, doodling, and even for contemplative daydreaming activities.