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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

If you’re a hobby enthusiast, Art to Art has all the essential clay tools for your creative desires! Choose from a variety of model making supplies such as clay tool kits, oven safe moulds, banding wheels and more! Whether you’re working with air dry clay or polymer clay, our tools will help you create magnificent models. 

Shop clay modelling tools online at Art to Art and get free shipping when you spend over $100. Same day dispatch Australia-wide.

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Mont Marte Polymer Clay Press


Mont Marte Pottery Banding Wheel


Mont Marte Clay Tool Set 14pc


Mont Marte Pottery Tool Set 23pc


Mont Marte Sculpture Tool Set 39pc


Mont Marte Gloss Clay Varnish 120ml


Mont Marte Polymer Clay Cutters 10pk


Mont Marte Polymer Clay Flexible Knife Set 3pk


Mont Marte Polymer Clay Hole Punch Set 16pk


Mont Marte Polymer Clay Roller


Mont Marte Paint & Sculpt Shapers


Mont Marte Pottery Tool Set 10pk


Clay Tools

Art to Art’s range of affordable and durable clay tools are great for a variety of modelling techniques. Choose from trusted brands including Mont Marte, Sculpey and K2


We stock a range of popular clay modelling tools, some including: 


Carving blades: perfect for carving and cutting clay, and creating textured marks. 

Angled tools: great for flattening areas in hard to reach areas. 

Modelling knives: great for shaping, smoothing and sculpting clay. 

Stylus tools: used to create fine details in clay models and for dot painting. 

Needle pointers: great for placing delicate objects, fine details and making holes. 

Wire cutters: ideal for cutting slabs of clay with ease. 


Shop clay tools at Art to Art today. Get free shipping when you spend over $100 and same-day dispatch. Plus, you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay. Be sure to check out our other art supplies, including artist paints, paint brushes and varnish




What tools are needed for sculpting clay?

It all depends on what you’re looking to create! For beginners, we recommend using the following tools: 


Modelling tool

Cutting tool

Needle tool

Angled tool

Curved tool


What are the main methods of moulding clay?

There are three popular methods used for sculpting clay, these include:


Pinching method: This is a method using just your hands, where you press the clay with your thumbs to create objects. 

Coiling method: This is where an artist will use different tools to create shapes and objects.

Slab method: This is where smooth slabs of clay are formed around shapes or moulds and cut using a tool. 


How are the tools in each kit suited for different pottery or sculpting tasks?
The tools are designed for specific functions in pottery making: the Wire Clay Cutter and Steel Scraper are useful for shaping and trimming clay, the Potter’s Rib can smooth surfaces, and various knives and tools in other kits are intended for detailed sculpting and intricate work on clay.


What is the best tool to create designs in the clay?

It depends what kind of details you’re looking to create! If you want to create fine details, we recommend using a needle pointer tool or a stylus tool. You can also use modelling knives and craving blades to create textures and details. 


How do I clean clay sculpting tools?

The best way to clean your tools is by washing them off with water and leaving them out to fully air dry. To increase the life of your tools and prevent rinsing and cracking, we recommend lightly coating them with linseed oil.