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Unleash your creativity with Conte Crayons. Experience the power of these versatile drawing supplies that bring life into your creations. Conte offers a wide range of crayons to cater to your artistic needs. Enjoy swift shipping within Australia for orders placed before 11 am, and discover the convenience of free shipping on orders over $100.

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Conte Crayons



Unlock your artistic potential with Conte Crayons, the renowned brand offering a range of premium pastels for various surfaces and finishes, known for their exceptional quality and versatility.


From rich vivid colours to smooth and blendable textures, the Crayons are carefully crafted to elevate your drawing experience. Whether you're sketching, shading, or creating intricate details, these hard pastels provide the tools you need to enhance your art with different textures. 


Conte has been consistently producing their remarkable crayons since 1795. They were first created in France with a mixture of clay and graphite due to the shortage of graphite in Europe at the time.


Experience the effortless application and precise control that Conte offers, allowing you to unleash your creativity with every stroke. From delicate lines to bold gestures, these crayons enable you to achieve stunning effects and bring depth to your artwork.


Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting your artistic journey, Conte has the perfect set to suit your needs. Delve into the world of expressive drawing with their comprehensive crayon sets, equipped with an array of colours and shades to inspire your creativity.


Unleash your creativity and elevate your artistic expression with Conte Crayons. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your drawing experience with Art to Art’s collection of drawing accessories, graphite pencil sets and pastel pencils. Order now and enjoy same-day dispatch Australia-wide, with free shipping on orders over $100. 



Conte Crayons: FAQ


What is in a Conte Crayon?

They are made from a blend of natural pigments, clay, and a binder, typically consisting of wax and oil. This gives the crayons their smooth and creamy consistency, allowing for easy application and blending on various surfaces.


Is Conte Crayon the same as charcoal?

No, they are not the same. Conte crayons are formulated with a binder, which gives them a firmer and less messy texture compared to charcoal. Charcoal is typically made from burnt wood and has a darker and more smudgeable quality.


Is Conte Crayon erasable?

Conte crayons are not easily erasable as they leave a permanent mark on the surface. However, you can use various techniques to blend, smudge, create lighter areas or add highlights to your drawing.