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Copic Markers

Art to Art are proud Australian stockists of copic markers, the world’s best alcohol based markers. Used for graphic design, architecture, papercraft, fine art, art and craft, illustration, manga and much more.

All copic artist markers are refillable and nib replaceable, and come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Shop these innovative drawing supplies online now and get same day dispatch.

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Copic Classic Markers

$10.95 $8.76

Copic Sketch Marker

$10.95 $8.76

Copic Ciao Markers

$6.95 $5.56

Copic Ink Refill 12ml

$12.95 $10.36

Copic Ciao Set 12 Assorted Colours


Copic Ciao Set 12 Manga Colours


Copic Ciao Set 12 Greys


Copic Ciao Set 24 Assorted Colours


Copic Ciao Set 36A Assorted Colours


Copic Ciao Set 36B Assorted Colours


Copic Ciao Set 36c Assorted Colours


Copic Ciao Set 36D Assorted Colours


Copic Markers


At Art to Art, we stock a wide variety of artist markers for both beginner and professional illustrators, designers, and artists. Among our extensive selection, the Copic Ciao markers stand out due to their exceptional quality and versatility. These markers are not only refillable, making them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious artists, but they also feature a comfortably round, smooth barrel design that ensures ease of use during long creative sessions. Each Copic marker comes equipped with a super brush and medium broad nib, allowing for variable-width strokes that can effortlessly transition between fine lines and bold fills. Furthermore, these markers are suitable for a variety of surfaces, including paper, leather, wood, fabric, plastic, and faux fur, ensuring that your artistic expression knows no bounds. With our Copic art pens and brush pens, you can produce bold and vibrant strokes with precise control, and with our permanent felt-tip pens you can create markings on all types of hard surfaces. Many of our high-quality art pens are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can achieve your desired effects.

Types of copic artist markers

Copic classic marker: the original line of high-quality alcohol-based markers! The classic range is available in 214 colours, features a broad nib and fine nib with a square barrel, and has nine replaceable nib types. These have been the preferred art markers for professionals for decades.


Copic sketch marker: with a nib that acts like a paintbrush in both feel and application, the Copic Sketch markers are the most popular markers. Not to mention, there’s 358 colours available! These versatile tools are perfect for a variety of artistic projects. Whether you’re into scrapbooking, where their vibrant colours can bring your memories to life, or you prefer designing custom greeting cards, Copic Sketch markers are your go-to. They are also ideal for creating frame-worthy art pieces that make heartfelt gifts. As your skills evolve, consider experimenting with Copic accessories like blending papers or colourless blenders to add texture, highlights, and depth to your creations.


Copic ciao marker: small yet mighty, this Copic artist marker is a fantastic choice for younger artists (especially at such an affordable price). As a smaller version of the Copic Sketch marker, it still features the same replaceable nibs and is completely refillable.


 Multiliner Copic markers: as a favorite among designers, sketch artists, illustrators, and more, the fine lines of these pens are unmatched. Bleed-proof, waterproof, and smear-proof, these high-quality markers are ideal for any artist looking to create intricate designs or detailed illustrations that require precision."



Whether you’re a graphic artist, drawing hobbyist or need to produce professional grade drawings, you can turn to copic colouring pens. Shop copic inks, markers and copic marker nibs online today to get same day dispatch. You can also buy now, pay later with Afterpay and when you spend over $100 you get free shipping!. 



Are copic markers good for beginners?

Since they come in such a wide range of colours and are incredibly easy to use, copic markers are great for beginners. 


What is so special about copic markers?

Copic artist markers are highly regarded by professional artists because of their smooth application, range of applications and colour vibrancy. They are also double sided, have replaceable nibs and can be used for multiple types of art.


How long do copic markers last?

Well that depends on how much you use them! 


What can I use copic markers on?

They’re best used on marker pads


Are copic markers waterproof? 

Yes, they are! 


Are copic markers refillable 

Yes! All markers are fully compatible and refillable with replacement nibs.


Who can use Copic Ciao markers aside from professional artists?


Copic Ciao markers are suitable for art and design students, crafts people, hobbyists, and coloring enthusiasts.



Are Copic Ciao markers affordable for beginners?


Yes, Copic Ciao markers are priced lower than other markers in the range, making them accessible for beginners.


How do Copic Ciao markers help in preserving the quality of the artwork?


The alcohol-based ink used in Copic  markers is formulated to enhance the longevity and vibrancy of colors on paper, thus preserving the quality of the artwork.


How do the design features of Copic markers contribute to their safety and suitability for children?


Copic  markers are designed with safety features including an inner seal and special venting mechanisms to prevent choking, making them safer for use by children.