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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Couture Creations

Ignite your creativity with Couture Creations, the go-to brand for alcohol inks. From vibrant art projects to stunning mixed media designs, Couture Creations offers a diverse range of high-quality alcohol inks that will bring your creations to life. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on orders over $100 Australia-wide. Plus, same-day-dispatch when you order before 11 am.

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Couture Creations Alcohol Inks


Couture Creations Alcohol Ink Blending Solution


Couture Creations

Experience the captivating world of artists inks with Couture Creations. Their range of artists inks feature vibrant colours and mesmerising finishes that will elevate your artwork. Whether you're a beginner or a creative enthusiast, Couture offers a diverse range of art supplies designed to unleash your imagination.


Discover the versatility of Couture alcohol inks as you unleash your creativity with a range of effects. From canvas to ceramics, glass to synthetic materials, these high-quality inks provide smooth application and intense pigmentation, allowing you to achieve stunning effects and bring your artistic visions to life. 


Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with different techniques like blending, layering, or creating intricate details. With the Alcohol ink blending solution, you can lighten your ink colours and create unique designs. It also acts as a remover, protecting your hands and surfaces from ink stains. 


Don't miss the chance to enhance your artistic journey with Art to Art’s range of printmaking inks, acrylic inks, dry pigments and much more! Place your order now and enjoy same-day dispatch across Australia, with free shipping on orders over $100.



Couture Creations: FAQ


Are Couture Creations alcohol inks good? 

Yes, their alcohol inks are highly regarded for their quality and performance. Artists and crafters appreciate their vibrant colours, and smooth application, making them a popular choice for various creative projects.


Where are Couture Creation products made?

They are an Australian-based Art supplier located in Brisbane.


How to use Couture Creation ink?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Couture Creations ink:


1. Shake the Couture Creations ink bottle before use.

2. Squeeze a few drops onto a non-porous surface like Yupo paper.

3. Use a brush, sponge, or dropper to apply the ink. Try different techniques like brushing or blending.

4. Let the ink dry completely.

5. Layer additional colours if desired.