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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Frame your favourite artworks with the high-quality mat boards from Art to Art. Our mat boards are popular amongst beginners and professionals as they’re acid free and ph neutral, making them resistant to fading! Shop art boards online and get same day dispatch Australia-wide. Free shipping on any order over $100.

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Multimat Matboard 81x100cm White


Multimat Matboard A1 Black


Multimat Matboard A1 OffWhite


Multimat Matboard A3 Black


Multimat Matboard A3 Off White


Multimat Matboard A3 White



At Art to Art, we have a great selection of mat boards to suit your artistic needs. Available in white, grey and black, and a range of sizes to complement your chosen artwork! Our mat boards feature a white core, perfect for adding depth and vibrancy to your artworks. 


Matboards are ideal for both beginners and professionals. Simply tape your artwork or image to the back of the matboard for optimal results. This additional layer is great for providing stability to your pieces. 


Shop art boards at Art to Art today. Get free shipping when you spend over $100 and same-day dispatch. Plus, you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay. Before you go, be sure to check out our other art supplies, including craft supplies, art knives and art paper. 






How do you cut a mat board?

The best way to cut your art board to size is to:


Trace lines onto the mat board of where you will need to cut 

Place a ruler along the line you have traced and press down firmly on the cutting tool to get a clean cut 

Repeat step 2 on all of the lines 

Grab some craft tape and secure your artwork to the back of the mat board

Place your piece inside a frame and re-attach the backing

Now you can hang your masterpiece on the wall! 


What is a mat board used for?

Art boards are a thick paper-based material that are used to support and improve the outcome of your artworks during the framing process. The board is placed between the frame and your artwork. 


Do you need a mat board?

Although you can still frame an artwork without the use of a matboard, they are great for improving the visual presentation of your works and help to provide security and protection. 


Is foam board and mat board the same?

Mat board is made of 100% cotton. The hard cardboard-like material is great for framing purposes as it provides a stable backing and adds to the visual quality. Whereas foam boards are often made of polystyrene, ideal for mounting and 3D artworks.