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Air Drying Clay

Planning on creating your next clay masterpiece? Art to Art’s wide range of air drying clay is great for a variety of detailed works, including modelling, coiling and slab building. Our ready-to-use self drying clays are smooth and flexible, don’t require any baking and can dry within 24 hours! Choose from popular brands including Das, Mont Marte and more! Buy air dry clay online now and receive free shipping over $100. Same day dispatch Australia-wide.

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Das Air Dry Clay 1kg - Stone


Das Air Dry Clay 1kg - Terracotta


Das Air Dry Clay 1kg - White


Das Air Dry Clay 700g - Wood


Mont Marte Air Dry Clay Terracotta 500g


Mont Marte Air Dry Clay White 500g


Mont Marte Air Dry Clay Grey 500g


Mont Marte Air Dry Clay Terracotta 2kg


Mont Marte Air Dry Clay White 2kg


Fimo Air Basic modelling Clay Terracotta


Fimo Air Basic modelling Pale Pink


Fimo Air Basic modelling Clay White


Air Drying Clay

Whether you’re a professional modeller, artist or student, we have the perfect option for your arts and crafts projects. From creating character models to sculptures, vases, dishes and jewellery, the possibilities are endless! Simply use your hands or a modelling and sculpting tool for easy cuts and techniques. Once dry, our self drying clay can be sanded, drilled and decorated with artist paint or varnish


Using Air-Dry Clay on a Pottery Wheel: What You Need to Know

When considering whether you can use air-dry clay on a pottery wheel, there are several factors to keep in mind. Air-dry clay does possess properties that allow it to be manipulated on a pottery wheel, especially appealing for those at intermediate or advanced levels of pottery making. It behaves somewhat like a porcelain clay when wet, offering a certain level of pliability necessary for wheel throwing


Key Considerations:

  • Skill Level: Best suited for those who are not beginners in pottery as it demands some technique to handle the clay on the wheel effectively.
  • Post-Processing: Unlike other clays that require kiln firing, air-dry clay should not be fired. Kiln firing air-dry clay can cause it to break down or become damaged because it isn't designed to withstand high temperatures.
  • Finishing Touches: Traditional glazes are also not recommended for air-dry clay. Instead, opt for other types of finishes suitable for air-dry materials to enhance your creations without causing harm.


 while air-dry clay can be used on a pottery wheel by those who hold some experience, it’s important to avoid traditional firing and glazing methods. Embrace alternative finishing techniques to preserve and beautify your work.


Sealing Air-Dry Clay Creations: A Guide

Can you seal pieces made from air-dry clay? Absolutely! To maximize the longevity and enhance the appearance of your clay projects, sealing them is a smart move. Here’s how to do it effectively:


Wait For It To Dry Completely
Before you think about sealing, ensure that your air-dry clay piece is thoroughly dry. Typically, this means waiting about 72 hours after finishing your project. Patience is key here; sealing too soon can trap moisture and lead to damage.


Choosing the Right Sealant
For sealing your dry clay piece, acrylic varnish is highly recommended. It's vital to check the compatibility of the varnish with the clay you are using. To avoid any unwelcome surprises on your final artwork, do a small patch test on an inconspicuous area of the piece before applying it all over.


Understand Its LimitsIt’s important to note that sealing air-dry clay does not make it waterproof. Sealed air-dry clay pieces are still vulnerable to water and should not be exposed to outdoor elements. To preserve your work, it’s best to display it indoors where it can remain dry and safe.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively seal your air-dry clay pieces to enhance their durability and finish.


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Decorating air-dry clay can transform your simple clay creations into vibrant, appealing art pieces. Here are several effective ways to embellish your clay projects:


Paint Options:

  • Once your air-dry clay is completely dry, consider using paints like tempera, acrylics, or watercolors. Each type offers a unique finish and can enhance the aesthetic of your artwork.


  • For detailed work or writing on your clay pieces, Posca paint -based markers are recommended. They provide a smoother application compared to non-permanent markers, which may struggle with coverage and can clog the tips due to the clay's texture.

Adding Sparkle:

  • Glitter glue is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and comes in handy for outlining or filling smaller areas, giving your piece some dazzle without the mess of loose glitter.

Additional Embellishments:

  • Explore using pigment-based stamping pads which allow you to stamp designs directly onto the clay.
  • Metallic powder pigments can also offer a fantastic finish. Dust these over the surface to achieve a shimmering effect that catches light beautifully.

With these techniques, your air-dry clay projects can reach new heights of creativity and detail! Remember to always allow the clay to dry thoroughly before beginning any decoration to ensure the best results.





How long should you air dry clay?

It all depends on the thickness of your air drying clay art. But as a general rule, air drying clay usually takes between 24-48 hours at room temperature. 


Can air dry clay get wet?

We don't recommend getting air dry modelling clay wet as the texture will become soft again. If you want to avoid this, we advise applying a coat of varnish or acrylic paint to help the clay become water-resistant. 


Does air dry clay fully harden?

Our clay fully hardens and can even be sanded, drilled and decorated. By applying glue, acrylic paint or varnish, the clay will become stronger and more durable. 


Is air dry clay better than oven baked clay?

One type of clay is not better than the other. But, polymer clay is more durable and waterproof once baked. Air drying clay can be more convenient for artists and once sealed with a varnish or paint, it can become durable and water-resistant.


Why Did My Air-Dry Clay Warp?

Air-dry clay warping is a common challenge for craft enthusiasts. Warping typically happens when there's uneven drying. The outer edges of your clay piece tend to dry faster than the thicker, interior parts. This uneven moisture loss causes the clay to distort or bend, leading to unwanted warps in your artwork.


Thickness of the Clay: Thickness plays a critical role in the stability of Air-Dry Clay. Very thin structures are more likely to crack compared to those with substantial thickness.