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Prismacolour Pencils

Get creative with the wide range of professional-grade art and drawing supplies from Prismacolor at Art to Art – especially their high-quality art pencils, available in a wide range of vibrant colours. Shop Prismacolor pencils online today and get free shipping when you spend over $100. Same-day dispatch Australia-wide.

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Prismacolor Premier Pencils


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Prismacolour Pencils

Founded in 1938, Prismacolor pencils have become a staple around the world for both beginner and professional artists. These artist-quality pencils feature soft thick cores and vibrant pigments, perfect for a range of texture and colouring artworks. Their light resistant and waterproof qualities also make your artworks last a lifetime! 


For decades, Prismacolor Pencils have offered some of the highest quality coloured pencils available to artists. These richly pigmented, brilliant pencils feature a core of soft, blendable colour in an amazing array of 150 shades. The wax-based formula makes for smooth colour laydown in any application from the lightest of shading to the heaviest marks, and is water and break-resistant. The smooth cedar wood casings protect the soft leads and are lacquered for durability in colours matching that of the lead. When it comes to a true professional grade coloured pencil, Prismacolor pencils truly are premier.


Soft lead for blending and shading - Wax-based coloured pencils - Thick core of colour with 3.8mm leads - 150 colours in the range - Ideal for fine art drawings & comic art. Each pencil features a robust 3.8 mm core that ensures a smooth application, enabling both bold, strong lines and soft, subtle shading. This core is slow to wear, offering both waterproof and light-resistant qualities that cater to a variety of artistic needs. The pencils are designed with a lacquered casing that not only provides a durable exterior but also simplifies the process of selecting the right colour, as the casing is colour-matched with the lead. This thoughtfully crafted design guarantees that whether you are working on fine art drawings or detailed comic art, the Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sets deliver professional-grade results consistently.


Their range includes coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, art erasers, graphite pencils and more! Their professional drawing materials can be used on a range of surfaces, such as art paper, sketch pads and watercolour paper pads

Shop Prismacolor pencils in Australia at Art to Art today. Get same day dispatch Australia-wide and free shipping when you spend over $100 online. You can also buy now and pay later with Afterpay. Before you go, don't forget to check out our other art supplies, including drawing accessories, markers, fineliner pens and pastels.






What is the purpose of the Clear Blender Pencil in the Prismacolor set?


The purpose of the Clear Blender Pencil in the Prismacolor set is to help in smoothing out hard lines and to assist in both lightening and blending colours effectively.


What is the specified core size mentioned for the Prismacolor pencils?

The specified core size is 3.8 mm.


Are Prismacolor pencils good?

Yes! Prismacolor art pencils are a popular choice as they are made with high-quality pigments, as well as being easy to blend – which is great for vibrant strokes and gradients. Their lightfast nature also makes them resistant to fading and Prismacolor pencils can also be used for a range of projects, including drawings, sketches and colouring in. 


Are Prismacolor pencils better than Faber-Castell’s pencils?

It all depends on personal preference. Prismacolor pencils feature a soft and creamy wax-base which is great for superior blending and shading techniques. Faber-Castell pencils are oil based, meaning they are less creamy and more chalky, perfect for producing rich colours and harsh lines. 


Can Prismacolor pencils be easily erased?

As Prismacolor art pencils are wax-based they cannot be easily erased. However, if you use a small amount of solvent and an electric eraser, some marks can be lifted.