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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Create your next masterpiece with our range of scale models at Art to Art. Perfect for projects like architecture, engineering, film making and hobby model building! No matter your creative vision – Art to Art is your one stop shop for model making supplies in Australia. Shop modelling and sculpting supplies and get free shipping when you spend over $100. Plus, get same-day dispatch.

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Scale Model Car E104 SCALE 1:120:130 10pk


Scale Model Car E105 SCALE 1:150 10pk


Scale Model White Dude E001 SCALE 1:100 20pk


Scale Model White Dude E002 SCALE 1:150 20pk


Scale Model White Dude E003 SCALE 1:75 1pce


Scale Model White Dude E004 SCALE 1:25 1pce


Scale Model White Dude E005 SCALE 1:50 1pce


Scale Model White Dude E006 SCALE 1:75 1pce


TREE 35E 35mm SCALE 1:300-500


Scale Model Tree 60E 60mm SCALE 1:300-500 5pk


Scale Model Tree 40E 35mm SCALE 1:200-300 5pk


Scale Model Tree 50E 50mm SCALE 1:200-300 5pk


Scale models

Art to Art has a wide variety of affordable and high-quality model supplies, including scale cars, trees, people and styrene sheets for any project you desire. Whether you’re making real world objects or creating a fantasy model – the possibilities are endless. If you want to add a pop of colour, simply grab your favourite paint brush and artist paint to add the finishing touches! 


Making a scale model from scratch does not require many building supplies. All you will need is a styrene sheet, cutting tools and some craft glue! Our range of craft supplies at Art to Art are made from high-quality materials  and come from trusted brands like Xpress It, Mont Marte, Osmer and more! 


Shop scale art models online at Art to Art today, and get same day dispatch. Get free shipping when you spend over $100 on any order.You can also buy now and pay later with Afterpay. In need of more model supplies? We also stock balsa wood, polymer clay and air dry clay





What are scaled models used for?

A scale model is the replica of an object, and can be either larger or smaller in size. Most often the scale model is smaller than the actual objects. For example, an architect may replicate a smaller version of a building to explain the structural plan and demonstrate the project in 3D form. 


Is model building a good hobby? 

Model building is a great hobby that anyone can do! If you want a form of art therapy that is both fun and relieves stress - this is the perfect hobby for you! With our hobby supplies at Art to Art, the creative possibilities are endless. 


Should I paint my model before assembling?

We recommend painting your model after you have glued the seams together. For separate one piece sections that need to be painted a different colour, it is easier to paint these first. 


When it comes to choosing the best paint, we recommend using acrylic paint. This is a good choice for all projects and is an excellent option for beginners. Acrylic paints are quick drying and can be thinned easily with a paint medium or with water to achieve a range of effects. 


What is the best glue for scale models? 

It all depends on personal preference! At Art to Art we stock a wide variety of craft glues from trusted brands like Xpress It, Mod Podge, Helmar and more! We recommend using hot glue or instant glue to easily stick the pieces of your scale model together, without long waiting times. You can also paint your scale model after the glue has dried! 


Why are scale models great for kids?

Scale models are a great way for children to test their boundaries and see what they can create. They also serve as an excellent communication tool for children and help to better explain objects to others.