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Watercolour Mediums

Express your creativity with a wide variety of watercolour mediums at Art to Art. Watercolour mediums are essential for artists as they can add a range of stunning effects and techniques to artworks. Shop from trusted brands including Daniel Smith, Art Spectrum, Winsor & Newton, Maimeri Blu  and more! Buy artist watercolour mediums online today and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Matisse Watercolour Ground Absorbent Primer


Mont Marte Masking Fluid


Maimeri Blu Honey-based watercolour medium


Maimeri Blu Kordofan gum arabic


Maimeri Blu Masking Fluid


Maimeri Blu Natural Ox Gall


Maimeri Blu Synthetic Ox Gall


Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground


Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground Transparent 118ml


Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground Black 118ml


Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground Buff Titanium 118ml


Daniel Smith Masking Fluid 30ml


Watercolour Mediums

Watercolour mediums are highly versatile and easy to use! Simply grab a paintbrush and mix the medium into your watercolour paint or brush it on your artwork. Watercolour Grounds can be applied on a range of surfaces, including paper, canvas, fabrics, wood, plaster, shells and hardboard, giving watercolour artists the opportunity to paint on a variety of surfaces other than paper! 

Masking Fluid is a liquid latex  which can then be peeled or rubbed off after the watercolour has been applied. Leaving behind fresh white crisp lines.

Channel your creativity and achieve a variety of effects, including extended drying time, increased brilliance, gloss and transparency. You can even use an art masking fluid to mask areas while colour is being applied. 


Buy watercolour medium online now and get same day dispatch. Pay later with Afterpay and get free shipping when you spend over $100 on art materials. Looking for more art supplies? We also have acrylic mediums, varnish, acrylic paints and oil paint mediums





What is masking fluid ?

Masking Fluid is a latex based liquid that, when applied to watercolour paper, repels paints and prevents watercolours, inks and gouache from being absorbed. This leaves the masked area of paper white to allow for the foreground to be painted.  It is not a recommened to leave Masking Fluid on for very long periods so its best removed within a few hours of application.


What is watercolour medium used for?

Watercolour mediums commonly come as liquids or gels that can be mixed into watercolour paint to achieve increased transparency, different textures, increased gloss, pearlescence, and a slower drying process and more! Watercolour mediums can also be used in thinned acrylic paint to create varied effects. 


Do you need mediums for watercolour paint?

You don't need to add a medium to watercolour paint - you can still create a masterpiece on its own! But, if you want to change the characteristics of your paint, such as increased drying time, blending, gloss and transparency, textural effects,  and the effects of granulating, then you should opt for a watercolour painting medium. 


Can you use canvas for watercolour?

Yes, you can use watercolour paint and medium on a canvas. But first the surface must be primed with a Watercolour ground such as Daniel Smith Watercolour ground or Matisse Watercolour ground. Or you can use one that’s already primed such as the Ampersand art panel to get the best results!